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HEAL-LLC  with offices located in New Haven, CT and Richmond, VA. Recognize that everyone's cultural, ethnic, or religious affiliations are of equal importance. Each of our client's personal values and belief systems are taken into account during the healing process.

Your personal belief system is a part of who you are as a person and an important part of your healing transition. Therefore, we never show discrimination based on race, age, physical disability, religion, or sexual /gender identity.

HEAL recognizes that each life transition is substantial and may include a grieving process that is unique and personal.

Our Programs

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“On behalf of the volunteer staff, I would like to thank you for being the guest speaker of our monthly meeting. Your discussion on the Five Stages of Dying and how they might appear was interesting, professional and well presented for myself as well as the volunteer staff. It was an honor and privilege for Hospice of Virginia Volunteers to be able to hear your message. We will definitely be having you back again!”

- Alline Morris, Volunteer Coordinator, Hospice of Virginia (Newport News location)